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Verbeek, E. A. (1999). Single reference differential GPS vs. multi reference differential GPS: the precision aspect.

Walker, M. J. (2004). RTK GPS over the Internet.

Warren, M. (2003). An assessment of the Thames regional GPS monitoring network for the validation of differential InSAR.

Weeks, R., E. Dumbill, et al. (2004). Linux unwired. Beijing; Sebastopol, CA, O'Reilly Media, Inc.

Williams Mark, B. (2004). GPS meteorology: trends in integrated precipitable water vapour.

Williams, J. (2001). GIS processing of geocoded satellite data. London; New York, Springer.

Wong, R. T. M. and S. University of (2004). GPS carrier phase multipath mitigation by spectral analysis for LEO satellite. Guildford, University of Surrey.

Woodward-Gregg, M. (2003). EGNOS signal: DGPS signal conversion software.

World, G. P. S. (1999). GPS world's big book of GPS. Cleveland, Ohio, Advanstar Communications.

Wright, T. J., B. Parsons, et al. (2001). Crustal deformation in Turkey from synthetic aperture radar interferometry, c2001.

Xu, G. (2003). GPS: theory, algorithms, and applications. Berlin; New York, Springer.

Yan, L. and E. University of Nottingham. Theses. Electrical and Electronic (2003). Use of genetic algorithms for ranging code selection.

Young, C. A. (1998). Single frequency OTF kinematic GPS bridge deflection monitoring.

Zhao, Y. and Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers. (2003). Location services and navigation technologies: 24 April 2003, Orlando, Florida, USA. Bellington, Wash., SPIE.

Zhu, Q. (2004). GPS coding simulation.

Zinas, N. (2002). GPS surveying techniques, Hellenic geodetic reference systems and the procedure of incorporating valid topographic diagrams in the Hellenic Cadastre using GPS.

Zumberge, J. F., R. Liu, et al. (1995). Densification of the IERS terrestrial reference frame through regional GPS networks: workshop proceedings, November 30-December 2, 1994. Pasadena, Calif., IGS Central Bureau, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology.

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