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Johnston, C. A. (1998). Geographic information systems in ecology. Oxford, Blackwell Science.

Joy, C. I. H. and G. University of Nottingham. Theses. Institute of Engineering Surveying and Space (1998). GPS assisted helicopter photogrammetry for highway profiling.

Jurgen, R. K. and E. Society of Automotive (1998). Navigation and intelligent transportation systems. Warrendale, PA, Society of Automotive Engineers.

Kals, W. S., C. Soles, et al. (2005). Land navigation handbook: the Sierra Club guide to map, compass & GPS. San Francisco, Sierra Club Books.

Kearsley, A. H. W. (1993). Contributions to geoid evaluations and GPS heighting. Kensington, N.S.W., Australia, School of Surveying, University of New South Wales.

Keenan Christopher, R. and L. University of (2001). Stochastic modelling for high fidelity DPGS quality assessment.

Kelty, D. A. (2002). The GPS guide to western gem trails. Baldwin Park, CA, Gem Guides Book.

Kennedy, M. (2002). The global positioning system and GIS: an introduction. London, Taylor & Francis.

Kennedy, M. (2002). The global positioning system and GIS. London, Taylor & Francis.

Kennedy, M., I. Environmental Systems Research, et al. (2002). The global positioning system and GIS: an introduction: featuring hardware and GPS software from Trimble Navigation, Limited, and GIS software from Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). London, Taylor & Francis.

Kenward, R. (2001). A manual for wildlife radio tagging. San Diego, CA; London, Academic Press.

Kingsley-Hughes, K. (2005). Hacking GPS. Indianapolis, Ind., Wiley Pub.

Kleijer, F. (2004). Troposphere modeling and filtering for precise GPS leveling. Delft, Nederlandse Comissie voor Geodesie.

Kleusberg, A., P. J. G. Teunissen, et al. (1998). GPS for geodesy. New York; London, Springer.

Komninos, A. and U. Glasgow Caledonian (2003). Measuring earth crustal deformations using GPS and geodetic data in relation to the Rion-Antirion bridge construction. Glasgow, Glasgow Caledonian University.

Korte, H. (1999). The integration of Wide Area Network Differential Global Positioning Systems (WAN-DGPS) into yield mapping on the combine harvester, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Kouris, A. and S. University of (2002). An incoherent correlator-based star tracking system for satellite navigation. Brighton, University of Sussex.

Kruse, L. P. (2001). Spatial and temporal distribution of atmospheric water vapor using space geodetic techniques. Zürich, Schweizerische Geodätische Kommission.

Kumar, H. (2001). Statistics for GPS positioning measurements.

Ladetto, Q. (2003). Capteurs et algorithmes pour la localisation autonome en mode pedestre. Zürich, Schweizerische Geodätische Kommission.

Larijani, L. C. (1998). GPS for everyone: how the global positioning system can work for you. New York, American Interface Corp.

Larkin, F. J. (2003). Coastal navigation using GPS: for sail and power. Dobbs Ferry, NY, Sheridan House.

Lavallee, D. A. (2000). Tectonic plate motions from global GPS measurements, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Lee, L. C., R. Kursinski, et al. (2001). Applications of constellation observing system for meteorology, ionosphere & climate. Hong Kong; New York, Springer.

Leick, A. (2004). GPS satellite surveying. Hoboken, NJ, John Wiley.

Letham, L. (2003). GPS made easy: using Global Positioning Systems in the outdoors. Seattle, WA, Mountaineers Books.

Lewis, R., United States. Air Force., et al. (2005). Building a multinational global navigation satellite system: an initial look. Santa Monica, CA, RAND.

Li, R., S. Murai, et al. (1999). Proceedings International Workshop on Mobile Mapping Technology: April 21-23, 1999, Bangkok, Thailand. [S.l.], ISPRS.

Li, Y. (2004). Journey time estimation and incident detection using GPS equipped probe vehicle, Original typescript.

Liu, N. (2004). Genetic algorithms approach to finding improved GPS ranging codes.

Mahmud Mohd, R. (1999). Precise three-dimensional attitude estimation from independent GPS arrays, University of London.

Mahmud, S. (2002). The EGNOS ionospheric corrections for single frequency GPS positioning.

Mak, H.-y. G. (2004). Market research for the National RTK GPS Service for dredging and port services.

Marshall, J. and C. Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. European Scrutiny (2004). Twenty-first report: documents considered by the Committee on 26 May 2004, including: Global navigation satellite system; Regional and cohesion policy; Preliminary draft Budget 2005: report, together with formal minutes. London, Stationery Office.

Martínez, O. P. and S. University of (2002). GIS based models for optimisation of marine cage aquaculture in Tenerife, Canary Islands. Stirling, University of Stirling.

Matthews, J. (2004). The GP's Valentine proposal. Richmond, Mills & Boon.

Maye, P. (1999). An evaluation of GPS/INS integration with the aerial camera.

McDonald Hazel, A. and S. University of (2000). Monitoring, interpreting and predicting temperature effects in concrete box girder bridges.

McDonald, K. D. and I. Navtech Seminars (1998). Understanding GPS and GPS receivers. Arlington, VA, Navtech Seminars.

McElroy, S. and C. Global Positioning System (2001). Exploring GPS: a GPS users guides. [Bathurst], Australia, GPSCO.

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